Saturday, October 29, 2011

First try..n new experience

this should be posted on wed, but becuz of got bit busy recently..
until now i juz wanna share my new and cool experience with u all..XP

my new experience is the blood donation
my uni have organize a blood donation campaign in this week
act i wan to donate blood very long ago
everytime when i wanna donate, it is not because of wanna exam o because of period>.<
vy regret until now i jux have my very first blood donation experience
i jux can said blood donation is cool!!
it is not pain at all and 
the most important thing is it can help many ppls..

 the guy wanna poke the needle into my arm...hehex

my blood..vy  thick right? XP

rewards get from blood donation, hahaXD

so guys!!! dont hesitate anymore, we should have at least one experience in donating blood!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

time to recommend movie again..hoho

i wanna recommend movie again dy..XP
act, this movie is recommended by my friend: ee ven, indirectly...
i saw she post a handsome guy photo in fb..
and then force me to go search who is the handsome guy? hehex

Anyway, this is a nice movie...
got handsome guy "Chone" n pretty gal "Nam",
it is a thai movie, before i have ever never think that a thai movie will be so nice..
may be it is not that nice but it just show out everyone puppy love story..
i expect everyone likes puppy love, the kind of feeling is hard to describe, got bit sour and bitter, but it will feel sweet as well..
this movie give me this kind of feeling^^
The name is : First love (初恋这件小事)  <3 <3

u should have a try on this movie,
it is about how a ordinary gal fall in love with her handsome n famous high school senior..
how a ordinary gal try her best and did many silly thg in order to attract her senior's attention...
bla bla bla...
dun wan talk too much about this movie,
let u all explore urself, : P
got some part make me vy sad...cry loudly when watching that part..
but i dun wan tell u as well..
wanna see whether u all have the same feeling with me o not..
 but i can share some photo..
let u all guess what had happened in the movie..
the change of an ordinary to become a pretty gal...

the actress...

wah!!! damn handsome..hehex:P

fast..wan know what had happened in the movie?
go watch urself...
it is reli a nice movie, someone said that
it is not a movie, it is a memories..a sweet memories...

Monday, September 19, 2011

The first night...^^

half year of kindergarden, ( dun laugh me >.<)
six years of primary school, 
5 years of secondary school,
2 years of pre-u,
and now...
I am here !!! University of Nottingham.
new environment, new life, new friends, hope all will be gone smoothly n fun^^
last night was my last night staying in my new room,
hmm~the room is quite ok...
n i like it so much..
last night i cant sleep vy well,
may be homesick, may be the pillow is high, may be too noisy,
but i know i will more n more adapt to this new environment..^^
god bless me..^^

my working area, full of food but no books, u know y? 
cuz i haven started study yet..XP

my bed n my lovely pillow..^^

shoe rack n the rm 100 worth mirror..=.="
use clothes to cover it becuz the mirror is facing my bed..

my wardrobe the furniture i like the most here..hehex
cuz it is big enough for me compare to my last hostel...

quite like the life here, but vy less entertainment here..sad T.T
hope my life will be better here^^

Friday, September 2, 2011

no more

no more...
and it is over...
i am sorry for my decision...
hope we still can be friend..
dun ask me y..
cuz i dun knw...
i just know we are not working out...
i am sorry...
but still i **** u...

Monday, August 29, 2011

T for TAIWAN!!!^^

If u ask me what is T for,
i will answer you T for TaiWan without hesitate,
The words that i would use to describe my trip to Taiwan is...

my Taiwan trip was 8 days long, 
so it is impossible for me to write down what had happened everyday here,
all of this are just the simplicistic of the trip

Day 1:
on flight====>Taiwan
Look at my mum's super funny expression, hahaXD
she always cant get the right timing on shooting,
but then, after captured the shoot, she will scream: "OMG, y so ugly?"

The sky of Taiwan^^

we went to "xi men ding" on that day afternoon, and
went to "shi ling nightmarket"
well...i just can say are a place that loved by all the shopaholic(>.0)V
ok~took it while waiting mrt in mrt station
and my mum just ignore me..T.T

famous food in "xi men ding",
you need to have a long queue before u have successfully buy it...
for me it is just ok ok nice,
but u can try it when u are in Taiwan.

oh ya, there are no table for u to eat,XP
and dun worry, many people willing to accompany you eat at there^^

white bitter gourd juice,
quite delicious,

Day 2:
on bus ====> 九份
jiu fen in chinese means nine portions, so my aunty told my mum that
go there we should buy nine presents or souveneirs .
well, for me, that is just an excuse for my aunty to shop a lot...hahaXD
my first breakfast at Taiwan,
humburger as breakfast is quite heavy for malaysian,
but i like it...n it is delicious^^

on de way to jiu fen..^^

nice view right?
it is like cameron highland in malaysia,
but it is more hot>.<

guess what is this? XP

opps~let u all see i am crazy shopping..XP

"o yee" dun know what it call in eng=.="
but it is delicious
another MUST TRY in Taiwan^^
*Thumbs up*

====> To Be Continued*

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fully recommended

Holiday means drama time...^^V
although need to work recently but i still manage to finish one superb nice drama...
this is a taiwan drama...i am sure it is not like the taiwan drama that u watch usually..
it dun have many romantic scene...but for me it still have some...XP
but it is so reality and meaningful...
In my opinion, i very support all the girls in the world should watch this drama...
From this drama i have learn how to be a real woman...
a girl not necessary need to depends on guy...
The drama is..."deng deng"...

(ok, i know i got bit outdated because until now jux watch it>.<)

For example the heroin in this drama, in the beginning she very depends on her husband..
her life only have her family as her centre..she never think about herself...
for what she sacrifies all her time and youth to create a happy family but at the end ruined by her own cousin sister...
i hate her husband until wanna kill him if i can...and the third party as well...
like wat the heroin in this drama said, wan to be a super woman o super wife, we cannot scare of everything..
must face our future bravely...i personally give this sentences a "like" button...hahaXD

well...this is really a meaningful drama to watch,
it will let u feel angry sometime, superb sad sometime, and sometime will let u feel some sweetness while u are watching it...hehex^^

there are four characters that i like the most in this drama..
NO1 : of course is the heroin...^^
she is so pretty and brave...
wanna set her as my idol..XP
she is pretty right?

NO2: the guy likes the heroin...
but he is so gentleman, although he likes her but he never think to ruin her family..
on the other hand, he support her and help her when she divorce...
like this character vy much...
hope there are really this kind of person in the world...^^
and the guy star this character cute as well...hehex
from now on i will become more notice him in the tv...XP
cute right? hehex

No3 & NO4 : is the sister in law and her husband...
they are the clown in this drama...
if dun have them, i think this drama wont be as nice as now...

this is the drama that i recommended de most...
hope u all will like it...
i personally give this drama 5 STARS *****( full marks is 5 stars oh)^^


my little cutie blog...
i feel sorry about the spider web XP
i hope u can forgive me for ignoring u for so long due to the exam...
and i din't find u asap after  i fin my exam..
becuase i need to work...>.<
i am sorry and i swear i will never leave u anymore...
(for this holiday only i think XP)