Saturday, October 29, 2011

First try..n new experience

this should be posted on wed, but becuz of got bit busy recently..
until now i juz wanna share my new and cool experience with u all..XP

my new experience is the blood donation
my uni have organize a blood donation campaign in this week
act i wan to donate blood very long ago
everytime when i wanna donate, it is not because of wanna exam o because of period>.<
vy regret until now i jux have my very first blood donation experience
i jux can said blood donation is cool!!
it is not pain at all and 
the most important thing is it can help many ppls..

 the guy wanna poke the needle into my arm...hehex

my blood..vy  thick right? XP

rewards get from blood donation, hahaXD

so guys!!! dont hesitate anymore, we should have at least one experience in donating blood!!!

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